With Your Buckpole.net Guide: Jon Book

Rick, by barber, told me a great story about an old buck with nerves of steel. He was hunting a creek flat one day and there was a fresh snow that had fallen the night before. He picked up the track of four deer moving along the ridge when he came upon the spots where all four had laid down. He said how he followed their tracks to a fence line and seen where they had jumped over. When he got on the other side of the fence he noticed there were only three sets of tracks moving away from the fencerow. Rick had realized one of the deer did not jump the fence but had maybe circled back. He crawled back through the fence and on the side of the ridge were small clumps of red willows, not much bigger than a large dinning room table. He then started to move towards the red willows when a good size buck with a healthy rack took off. The buck moved like a rabbit with its belly closes to the ground. Rick though some lead at him but he was over the hill and gone. Who would believe a buck of that size would pick a spot like that to hide in and let the hunter walk by not more than twenty yards away? Rick laughed, and told me "That old buck had nerves of steel to hold in a spot so small." A lot of time hunters will walk a little to fast when looking for game. Remember to slow down, stay, hold and get ready, because you never know what's ready to flush from their hiding spot next to your feet.

Nerves of Steel