With Your Buckpole.net Guide: Jon Book

It was a half-mile walk into my deer blind and the setting sun was just starting to touch the distant tree line. If I was lucky, I could squeeze out about an hour of hunting at my favorite spot. I was in a hurry to get out to the stand and thought I had all of my archery equipment I needed in the trunk of my car. Needless to say when I opened the trunk, I realized some things were missing. I took a quick inventory to see just what I had to work with. My camo hat and jacket with a grunt call in the pocket and my old bow and three arrows. Time was running out and I wanted to hunt and if nothing else I would cash in on a beautiful October sun set. I moved quickly along a cedar fencerow and half way to my stand I noticed a deer working it's way towards me. I found an opening in the cedars that would give me a little cover and quietly stepped back into the rows. As the deer approached I could see horns and he looked like a good eight pointer. The wind was right and before I knew it he was right out in front, a twenty-five to thirty yard shot. With the bow raised I let an arrow fly. He squatted down and the arrow went over his back by only and inch or two. It's over. A nice buck and I blew it. Then I remembered that old grunt call that I had in my pocket. Quickly I began to blow on the call and sure enough he came back to check things out. He approached me from the opposite directory and with great caution, neck out, ears twitching and licking his nose. "You're mine." I said to myself as I released another arrow, and just as before my arrow didn't find its mark. "What went wrong?" I thought as I watched him move off into the cedars. "He'll never come back if I give him another work on the grunt call." But he did. This time he was father out and it was starting to get dark. One arrow left. Should I or shouldn't I? This time I took my time and drew down. I got a good release and my arrow was on track, but between the buck and me was a small tree and I took it straight center. I laughed at my self on the way back to the car and realized how much fun that eight point gave me. Maybe next time, but one thing is for sure, I'll never go out buck hunting without my grunt call.

Using a Grunt Call During Archery Season