Hunting Pictures

For the ideal deer hunting pictures there are several things to keep in mind. First it is a recording of an event you are proud of and you may never get a chance to re-take the photo. Commit a few extra moments to make it a great deer hunting picture. Lighting - Make sure there is plenty of light. Too many deer pictures are taken at the end of a hunting day with only the cameras flash as a light source. Get plenty of light on the subject. Most mule deer and whitetail deer blend in with their surroundings, so make sure the background doesn't blend in with your trophy. Feature the deer first, then the hunter. Position the deer so your hands and arms of the hunter don't block the view of the deer. If you include the rifle or bow make sure they don't block the view of the deer. The best deer photos feature the deer!

Interesting Deer Pictures

You can add a interest to the deer hunting picture if you add related items to the picture. Include the deer hunting rifle or bow. Make sure there are elements in the picture of known sizes so one can see just how big your trophy deer is. When possible include a view of the hunt area in the background. These elements add interest and perspective to your deer picture. Do you have a deer or hunting picture you would like to see posted here on our site? Our visitors rate each picture so you can see how you rate against other deer hunting pictures. Click here to start voting on the Deer Pictures.

Deer Picture Advice - How to Take Quality Pictures