With Your Buckpole.net Guide: Jon Book

When you go on your next deer hunt. Roll up a plastic tarp. One about three by six feet in size. Brown, grey or camo in color are your best bet. Something that will blend in with the surrounding area and help give you a little cover.

Another handy way to use the tarp is to fold it up and set on it to keep the damp ground or what ever you might set on from soaking in.

When the wind picks up, and the wind chill drops, tie it off on some trees and use it as a windbreaker.

I remember one time when I had to use my tarp as a windbreaker and an overhead roof to keep the rain and snow off. It helped save the day.

The real payoff comes when you get your buck. Roll your deer into the tarp lengthwise and tie it off with no loose ends. Getting that buck back to camp with this deer drag will be a lot easier and it will slide on the ground with less effort.

Deer Drag & Windbreaker With a 3x6 Tarp