With Your Buckpole.net Guide: Jon Book

We hope you enjoy some of these great articles and stories from your buckpole.net guide Jon Book. This section is updated frequently and we encourage you to visit it often. If you're like us, when you can't make it out deer hunting, your reading about it.

Deer Hunting Articles

Bub Time
Start looking for deer rubs.
Approaching Season
Get out and look over your hunting blind.
Quick tip for indicating distance and wind direction.
Nerves of Steel
Walking by the big buck.
Deer Drag
It's always a good idea to carry a plastic...
Back Up Blinds
When the weather isn't in your favor.
Who's Tracking Who?
10 Point buck tracks a hunter to his stand.
Grunting Times 3
An arrow for every grunt.
Field Dress A Deer
Some easy instructions on field dressing your buck.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Articles, Tips and Techniques